Pilot Testing at the Metropolitan City of Milan

Milan is developing an energy efficiency program based on optic fiber that will be deployed in the headquarters of the Metropolitan City of Milan in Palazzo Isimbardi and in 2 high schools of the region.

The objective is to create connected buildings with centralized data acquisition, analysis and management system. Inside the Palazzo, each room containing works of art will be equipped with leading-edge technology to analyze information that is of particular interest for conservation purposes. The sensors will be also deployed in the classrooms of 2 high schools to contribute to a comfortable study environment. The system will monitor temperature, humidity, human presence, light, vibrations and sounds.

According to Carmine Pacente, Head of the Unit for European Policies and Programs of the Metropolitan City of Milan, “Connectivity is one of the first essential steps to becoming a smart city. Indeed, fiber vs copper allows to achieve emissions savings of 80% for transmitted gigabit. Fiber optic is much more than a data transportation layer; it becomes a real “neural tissue” working as a sensor and connecting IoT.”