Our Expected Results

  • Upgrade of existing innovative clusters in the area integrating Smart City concept

Focus will be placed on upgrading existing clusters in the MED area by integrating the Smart City thematic in their areas of interest. Cluster update is expected to assist diffusion towards their member companies and SMEs increasing their overall potential towards offering innovative products and services associated with the Smart City theme.

  • Networking activities led by existing innovation clusters involving Smart City community quadruple helix actors

Existing MED area innovative clusters will lead transnational networking activities involving quadruple helix actors related to Smart Cities. Different actors of the quadruple helix coming from the business world, academia and research, public / city authorities and policy makers, and citizens and the wider public, will be part of this networked community. Synergies with the existing clusters in the area will be sought. This wider networking framework will enhance coordination efforts associated with Smart City enforcement in the MED area. The project will facilitate Capacity Building (training), International Partnering (matchmaking and brokerage) and International Cooperation and Networking activities.

  • Making MED territorial policies more efficient to improve city ecosystem innovation capacities

The project pilot deployments will help towards matching the existing technology push in the Smart City theme, with an adequate end user pull. Sustainability of this paradigm has to be addressed by making MED territorial innovation policies more efficient. Influencing territorial policies, especially for tenders, so that the Smart City concept is addressed and the existing Smart City infrastructure is taken into account is a secure path leading to sustainability. In this context city ecosystem innovation capacities can change and experimentation with new potential applications can be pursued. Policy makers at local/regional level will be involved in a project launched debate/dialogue to this end.