Study Visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

Project second study visit in Copenhagen, Denmark

ESMARTCITY project is envisaged to organize two Study Visits during its pilot testing phase aiming at studying successful experiences in cities that could be regarded as advanced in the Smart City theme.

The second study visit is organized in Copenhagen, Denmark on June 6-7, 2019.

The ESMARTCITY partnership as well as invited stakeholders visited four sites gathering knowledge and studying initiatives undertaken in the framework of the Smart City paradigm.

DTU Elektro Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) in Risoe, Roskilde focuses its research effort on the transformation of the electric power system into a reliable, cost-efficient and sustainable system based on renewable energy. Its main research themes comprise Digital Energy Solutions, Interconnected Energy System, and Optimized Electric Energy Technologies. During the visit ESMARTCITY partners got valuable knowledge on the Smart Energy theme, one of the themes that the project deals with in the context of Smart Cities. CEE strengths lie in smart grids with market based flexibility and demand response, next generation energy markets, novel methods for stability and operation of power system, electric vehicle integration technology. PowerLabDK represents a world class experimental platform offering testing, technology development, educational training, and demonstration of energy technologies. It is deployed in four sites including Bornholm island, a renewable energy island, model of a future energy system.

Svalin community is a community of 20 households in Trekroner, Roskilde, Denmark. The community enforces quite innovative collective schemes with reference to energy. The energy collective project deals with consumer centric electricity markets, blockchain and institutional aspects, offering a real-world experiment.Work is being done on new approaches to directly exchange energy in a truly consumer centric manner.

EnergyLab Nordhavn represents a project to develop and demonstate future energy solutions utilizing Copenhagen's Nordhavn as a full scale smart city energy lab. Denmark has set an ambitious goal of total independence from fossil fuels by 2050. In this context, different pilots are demonstrated at Nordhavn including local district heating at Cruise terminal, electricity production by solar panels at Copenhagen International School, EV Charging, Grid connected Battery, Domestic hot water by district heating / electricity, Flexible Heat Customerts, Smart floor heating.

The Doll Living Lab lies in Glostrup, Denmark. It offers demonstration and testing of latest solutions in intelligent street lighting and Smart City services. It follows an integrated approach towards different applications like city lighting, waste management, pollution / environment, parking, that usually cities address in silos. The idea is to upscale such applications through appropriate platforms, and strategies at city level. Different solutions related to lighting, waste, parking, pollution, noise, building water / heat consumption are tested and exhibited.