Pilot Testing in East Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

ESMARTCITY Project pilot testing

In Bosnia Herzegovina the city of East Sarajevo invests in smart lighting project contributing to the well being of citizens. The objective: using LED technologies as a substitute for light bulbs on street pillars. Thanks to motion and air quality sensors, it will also improve energy savings and general health of people.

The new street lighting system enables energy consumption analysis and development towards a smarter city. The benefits for the environment are significant:

  • reducing visual pollution at night
  • reducing harmful gas emmissions

The municipality has already replaced about 1,400 street lights. According to Zoran Avram, deputy Mayor of East Ilidza, "results are more than encouraging leading to significant savings. Monthly electricity bills dropped from 7.500 Euros to 2,500/3,000 Euros."

Miroslav Lucic, president of the East Sarajevo City Assembly, denotes that "The city must also follow the world trends in terms of information technologies advancements and energy efficiency improvement."