Pilot Testing at La Doua Campus, Lyon, France

EsmartCity Project Pilot Testing

Esmartcity pilot testing activities are advancing. Pilot testing in France is related to public street lighting. Esmartcity partner INSA Lyon is an engineering school developing the future of Smart Cities. In the framework of Esmartcity pilot it is transforming its surroundings into an ECO-Campus, by engaging an ambitious smart street lighting system program.

The objective is to reduce the energy consumption of the campus with innovative technology. The pilot will deploy monitoring devices on the lighting system of the campus to monitor street activity and turn on the lights only when pedestrians need it. Once the prototype is assessed, it will allow to develop low cost infrastructures of smart lighting for other cities.

The pilot testing is rolled on at La Doua Campus, an area that reckons 80 research laboratories, 50 high tech companies, 25000 students. The devices signal where people are and in which direction they go, lighting conditions, but also temperature, hygrometry and other parameters that might be correlated to the activity in the street. The design needs also to be weather resistant and the low-range wireless network has to be energy efficient. The goal is to maximize the ratio cost of devices per gains in lighting energy.