Open Data Days in Marseille

Participation in the International Open Data Day in Marseille, France

To mark the International Open Data Day on 7 March, 2020, 2 French partners, AVITEM the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories and Datactivist, launched the Open Data Days in Marseille from March 4th to 6th, 2020 in which Esmartcity’s team from Capenergies had the opportunity to participate.

This great initiative was open to all: data producers, project leaders, data specialists, public actors, innovation ecosystem. The event aimed to raise awareness of the different uses of open data, to train data producers and re-users on their resources and to enable them to meet while informing them.

On the agenda of the 3-day training workshops: data literacy and general knowledge on why and how, the issues of data opening and its legal framework (in France), the data pipeline methodology to reuse data, tools and best practices for data visualization, funding opportunities, presentations of innovative projects reusing open data.

The event was organized in the framework of the European project called “ODEON - Open Data for European Open Innovation”, financed by the Interreg MED programme. In line with the recent publications of the European Commission on the strategies for digitalization and data for the next programming period 2021-2027, the project – which is due to finish this summer – is highlighting the benefits of open data and tries to influence public institutions to publish open data of good quality and implement better e-government policies.

This goal is similarly targeted by the Esmartcity project that promotes Mediterranean smart cities and encourage them to invest in digital solutions allowing better services for citizens, to reduce their environmental impacts and to produce new employability and living scenarios. The event was therefore an opportunity to share our experiences and our views on the issue.

Led by Datactivist, a cooperative and participatory company offering consultancy and support services as well as training on data opening and reuse, the sessions revealed that public authorities had concrete and important opportunities of sharing open data and that opening them to competent stakeholders could boost the competitiveness of SMEs and start-ups. Provided that this is done properly with a clear governance model.

Data is everywhere. Its good use and reuse is a cornerstone of smart city development and citizen empowerment. This resource can strengthen SMEs’ innovative potential and contribute to the sustainable growth of the Mediterranean area, but also of Europe as a whole. The challenge of market development is therefore based on the ability of the players to create the most connected and secured ecosystem possible.