Esmartcity pilot testing in Andalusia

Esmartcity Project Pilot Testing

In Andalusia, the Granada Energy Agency supports use of new technologies in villages: Agron and Huetor Tajar have updated their public Lighting networks. The objective: to enhance the quality, costs and effectiveness of street lights.

In Agron, street lights have been replaced with LEDs. Motion sensors will be installed in order to turn the light on only when citizens are passing by. With this energy saving lights, electric consumption and bill will be halved for the community. In addition, the LED light is less white, i.e. is both warmer and less harmful to the environment. As it illuninates from top to bottom, it contributes to preserve the night sky and to highlight the village's edifices.

In Huetor Tajar, the energy saving lights will be installed in the sportive facilities, with the specific objective to interact in the future with the nearby olive pit biomasse that produces the local heating. The ambition is to connect the urban lighting measures and analysis into a global energy management system for the whole city taking into account the air quality as well.

According to Ana Maria Munoz Arquelladas, President of Agencia Provincial de la Energia de Granada, "With the objective of improving the quality of life of our citizens, we have the challenge of carrying out smart city technologies to our villages.