Esmartcity pilot testing at the Region of Western Greece

Esmartcity Project Pilot Testing

The Region of Western Greece is now developing Energy Planning. In accordance with the University of Patras and the Technical Chamber of Western Greece, the region wants to create its Energy Observatory for public buildings. The objective: to rationalize energy production and energy consumption of public buildings in the region with real time monitoring devices.

Smart energy metering controllers will be installed in 15 buildings in several locations: In the offices owned by the Region of Western Greece in Messolonghi, the capital town of Aitoloakarnania prefecture, in Pyrgos, the capital town of Ileia prefecture, in Patras, capital town of Achaia prefecture and in 3 schools. IoT technologies monitor and analyze electricity consumption and outside temperatures and humidity to plan for low energy consumption inside the building. The experimentation will also improve user comfort for more than 300 employees and daily visitors. The different tested control and actuation scenarios will allow efficient dynamism between public, societal and industrial interests. RWG buildings are characteristic of Mediterranean public buildings using central heating / cooling systems, local radiators and fluorescent lamps for lighting.

According to Maria Makri, Esmartcity manager at the Region of Western Greece, the experimentation focuses on energy efficiency for existing urban building, which is the main urgent energy challenge for European cities, especially in the MED area.