Esmartcity pilot testing at the Politecnico di Milano

Esmartcity Project Pilot Testing

In the top Italian engineering University, Politecnico di Milano, the DAISY laboratory is currently testing new heating and cooling systems for its buildings. The objective: Decrease the energy consumption as well as improve the student and professor comfort.

One of PoliMi’s buildings has been equipped with IoT sensors in order to measure its occupancy in real time. The sensor system also gathers information about its temperature, humidity, CO2 levels. Thanks to the collected data, the DAISY scientists have developed mathematical models to optimize its thermal energy consumption. Particular attention was paid to simplicity, so that the models and solutions could be easily used in other contexts.

According to Luca Ferrarini, director of the DAISY lab, “This Esmartcity pilot project embraces the increasing attention on the energetic sustainability and European climate-neutral economy plan, by using innovative modeling approaches and control strategies.