Esmartcity pilot testing at Pescara

Esmartcity Project Pilot Testing

On the Italian Adriatic coast, in the Abruzzo Region’s capital city Pescara, the North Riviera road bordering the Municipality of Montesilvano, has been equipped with innovative street lamps. The objective: provide better lighting and new services for inhabitants and tourists with less energy consumption and less environmental impacts.

On Pescara’s waterfront road, a new lighting system uses LED fixtures instead of old bulbs. This allows not only to save energy and costs, but also to reduce light pollution. In addition, further devices have been installed to make the lamp posts smarter:

  • Weather stations, which automatically adapt the brightness to environmental conditions;
  • Video surveillance cameras, which enhance pedestrians, cyclists and drivers’ safety;
  • Traffic monitors, which might adjust the luminosity to vehicle flow.
  • A data collection unit and a remote control center, which allow to manage the network of sensors and light points;
  • An open data web portal, which will give citizens access to information collection on site.

According to Iris Flacco, Head of the Department on Energy Policy, Air Quality and National Environmental Information System (SINA) of the Abruzzo Region: “This project is a first step to create a smart city and a smart region, which use high technologies to improve public services and make them greener. It fully aligns with the European Union 2020 Digital Agenda and with the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.”