Energy e-Forum 2020

Project presentation during Energy e-Forum 2020

Esmartcity project and its pilot testing in Western Greece has been presented during Energy e-Forum 2020. Reference is made to urbanization challenges leading to 60% of the global population living in cities by 2030. As cities correspond to 60%-80% of world energy needs, and buildings consume 40% of the total energy, it is of imperative need to take measures promoting building energy efficiency. Esmartcity project drives towards this direction both through its pilot testing activities deploying the necessary energy metering and sensory infrastructure in 15 public buildings in Western Greece, and through its policy recommendations targeting the transformation of the policies at regional level to enhance sustainability and resilience.

Energy e-Forum 2020 is organized by the Technical Chamber of Greece - Department of Western Greece and economic newspaper Symboulos Epicheiriseon. It provides a forum of discussion on energy issues of interest in the area of Western Greece.