Circle the MED 2020

Project participation in Circle the MED 2020 forum

Circle the MED represents a forum promoting circularity and sustainability, and a new development model decoupling growth from resource constraints.

Esmartcity project participates in Circle the MED 2020 in three sessions

(i) Green Growth Business Forum

Two Greek SMEs involved in the Esmartcity project participate in the Circle the Med Green Growth business forum on November 10, 2020.

Meazon is a Greek SME dealing with energy management solutions. It has participated in the Esmartcity pilot in Greece installing its energy meters in public buildings and employing big data analytics.

InSyBio is a biotechnology company meeting the needs of molecular biology researchers in the academia, private research sector and pharmaceutical companies. It has been the recipient of the Esmartcity Datathon first prize experimenting on open data for the city of Patras.

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(ii) Debate on the Transition of the Mediterranean cities towards sustainable and smart mobility

Esmartcity partner Industrial Systems Institute participates in the debate on "The transition of the Mediterranean cities towards sustainable and smart mobility" taking place on November 12, 2020.

The debate elaborates on smartness as prerequisite for the Green Deal and the readiness of the Mediterranean cities to this end. Issues like the uptake and capitalization of project results in the Mediterranean space and the mobility landscape in the context of covid-19 are discussed.

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(iii) Electromobility Uptake in the Mediterranean Side Event

Esmartcity partner Region of Western Greece participates in the side event on "Electromobility Uptake in the Mediterranean" taking place on November 12, 2020.

The Region of Western Greece presents the Region's Electromobility Plan that has come out as an outcome of the Esmartcity project.

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