Capacity Building in Portugal

Capacity building workshop in Setubal

Energia Ambiente Arrábida has organized a Capacity Building Workshop in Setúbal on Oct 10, 2019. The workshop aims to share the work done in the framework of the ESMARTCITY monitoring energy consumption in 29 public buildings in Setúbal, Palmela and Sesimbra municipalities, through intelligent monitoring systems.

The workshop contributes to the improvement of the innovation capacity of the Municipalities in its area of intervention, through the creation of an innovation ecosystem involving companies, research centres, academia and public authorities, creating in this territory the necessary conditions for the implementation of the Smart City concept. Thus, municipalities will not be just receptors of technological innovation, but active elements of an ecosystem where technology is placed at the service of citizens.

The implementation of this innovation ecosystem is based on sharing information and knowledge about intelligent buildings and aims to enable new products/applications, increase energy management capacity, open up opportunities for research, make buildings more efficient, communicate energy efficiency values and establish more informed policies.