Capacity Building in East Sarajevo

Capacity building workshop in the City of East Sarajevo


Α capacity building workshop for innovative SMEs is held at the premises of the Administrative Center of the City of East Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, as part of the ESMARTCITY project, on July 22, 2019. The aim of the workshop is to encourage SMEs develop applications and solutions in the Smart City area, in order to provide more modern public sector services to citizens. Considering that one of the activities of the ESMARTCITY project is the pilot deployment "Smart Public Lighting in Eastern Ilidza", the Smart City platform that is created and which can be upgraded with other "smart" solutions and devices is presented. Furthermore, the technology used, the lessons learned and the acquired knowledge are shared, followed by the discussion on the Smart City of East Sarajevo in order to identify solutions that will help overcome the potential limitations, problems and obstacles in the application of the Smart City concept.