Green Paper for Innovation Policy Change

Project main output

The Esmartcity project drives towards the end of improving innovation capacities of MED area cities and enhancing innovation ecosystems involving actors of the quadruple helix enforcing Smart City Concept. It aims at improving energy efficiency in public buildings and public lighting networks by using new technologies. Its objective is to promote Mediterranean smart cities, which invest in digital solutions to offer citizen better services, reduce their environmental impacts and produce new employability and living scenarios. More generally, Esmartcity aims at supporting innovation to favor green growth and sustainable development in the Mediterranean area.

The Green Paper for Innovation Policy Change details the project proposals for policy improvement / change in the partner territories existing policies, strategies and structures, so that the sustainability of the project results is ascertained. It provides recorded and systematized knowledge on such relevant topics as Digitalization, Open Data, and Green Procurement, while presenting good practices from Esmartcity implementation and from around Europe. This knowledge is valorized towards the development of recommendations for Innovation Policy Change.