Capacity Building in Politecnico di Milano

Capacity building workshop in Milano

Polimi developed a pilot at its own premises, exploiting an advanced multi-sensor network to improve the overall energy efficiency and comfort in a 4-floor building. The pilot constitutes a benchmark for a wide spread innovation within the Smart City paradigm. The main objective of the pilot is to be test bed for a more systematic deployment by the SMEs of new applications and services.

The capacity building event was held at the premises of the Fondazione Politecnico di Milano on Feb 12 2020, from 9:30 to 13:30. It was open to Italian SME’s, and more specifically addressed to the innovation and productive ecosystem of the North of Italy, where Polimi is more active and attractive. Twenty participants attended the one-day local capacity building workshop, amounting to 14 innovative SMEs. The event was conceived to maximize the interaction with people and companies active in the energy efficiency field, discussing the pilot choices from technical, monetary and social points of view, sharing lessons learnt and acquired knowledge by pilot, inviting other speeches to stimulate discussion and different perspectives.

Strong appreciation to the Esmartcity project, and to POLIMI’s pilot in particular, for the concrete development of wide and interesting case studies was disclosed. Local SME’s are quite aware of the available technological solutions to improve energy efficiency and innovate city’s infrastructure, and of the quadruple helix approach. There was still a general expectation that local authorities and the national government play a major role to push the overall process, with adequate incentives and “green” regulations. A general threat was for data protection and privacy issues which may impair a fast growth of new market opportunities.