ESMARTCITY Datathon Award Ceremony

Award ceremony for the ESMARTCITY Datathon innovation contest

ESMARTCITY Datathon innovation contest is completed on July 15, 2019. The contest aimed at Greek SME capacity building in the Smart City sector. Opening up datasets from pilot installations in the city of Patras, and the Region of Western Greece the participating SMEs were asked to come up with innovative ideas for new applications / services that could improve the life of the citizens. Open data based co-creation and enhancement of the innovation ecosystem were also goals of the Datathon.

Seven participants participated in the contest. InSyBio took the first prize proposing inMyPlace service that combining energy consumption data, weather data and citizen / visitor sentiments enables city area evaluation. Meazon took the second prize with its energy consumption forecasting algorithm based on existing energy consumption data. The Center for e-Health Applications and Services of the Institute of Computer Science of the Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas took the high impact award for its proposed Smart Sense service that combining data of internal building conditions, weather data and open public data informs the citizen on real time for changing environmental conditions that may affect personal health.

The first prize is accompanied by an award of 1.000 € while the second prize by an award of 500 €. The Datathon is sponsored by the companies Karamouzis Optics, Dynacomp, Kepenos Mills, Chion, CBL Patras. The contest is supported by the Association of Enterprises and Industries of Peloponnese and Western Greece, Chamber of Achaia, Praxi Technology Transfer Network, Endeavor Greece, Orange Grove Patras, Patras Science Park, Smart Cities Innovation Hub and the Region of Western Greece.

The open datasets came from the ESMARTCITY pilot installations by the Industrial Systems Institute and the Region of Western Greece, as well as projects GAIA and

Member of the Greek Parliament and former Primeminister George Papandreou made an intervention during the event on Smart Cities and Open Data role.

The event was marked by the speeches of Dimitrios Serpanos, Director of the Industrial Systems Institute, Athanasios Kalogeras, Research Director of the Industrial Systems Institute, Sakis Triantafyllakis, Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Manager of Endeavor Greece, Vasilios Anastasopoulos, President and CEO of the Patras Science Park, Patty Panagopoulou, Technology Transfer Consultant of Praxi, Alexandra Sarma, General Manager of Orange Grove Patras, Theodoros Tsoumbelis, General Secretary of the Chamber of Achaia, Maria Makri, Region of Western Greece, Petros Ganos, Head of the Department of Design and Studies of the Municipality of Patras, Kostis Trantzas,, and George Mylonas, GAIA project of the Computer Technology Institute.